Monday 30 September 2013

Ozone Day celebrated with pomp and show at VKV Ziro

VKV- Ziro celebrated Ozone Day with much enthusiasm. 400 students from Class VI to X   and the teachers were present for the programme.
The following activities were conducted to mark the occasion:-
Slogan Writing Competition :- 
250 students participated in the Slogan writing competitions. The students have prepared beautiful and meaning slogans which are displayed later in the school corridor. Few Slogans like “   Say no to Deo sprays “ ,     Save Ozone to Save your life “  “ etc  captured the attention of everyone . 

Illumination by Distinguished Resource Person: - 
Shri. Umesh Mishra, Lecturer DIET, Yachuli, Lower Subansiri district was the main speaker for the Day. He has highlighted the importance of  the celebration, Ozone layer and its importance, Ultra violet rays ,Distribution in the  Stratosphere, Depletion of Ozone layer  and its consequences ,  International treaties to regulate the ozone layer depletion and  action plan for students.
Screening of Vedio Clippings: -   

 Four selected video clippings which ran for more than 30 minutes to show the importance of Ozone layer for very survival   of human life   were shown to students.  Shri. Rajib Prasad, the Science Teacher of VKV- Ziro also gave commentary explaining  the content of the videos and clarified  the doubts raised by the students.

Sunday 29 September 2013

Ozone Day Celebration at VKV Itanagar

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Itanagar conducted a procession on 30th Sept’ 2013 to create an awareness among students and public to save Ozone layer from its depletion. 

All teachers and students of Class- IV to VIII participated in this procession enthusiastically by shouting slogans to protect the Ozone layer and save life in the planet earth. Procession went around in the Chimpu area. Students of Class- VI to XI participated in making slogans and posters also.

Ozone Day Celebration at VKV Nirjuli

Ozone Day was celebrated at VKV Nirjuli  with much importance  that is apt to the significance and the inevitability of the ozone layer for the protection of our planet.  More than 600 students from Class VI to XII participated in the Celebration.

  Main events:

Grand Procession:
All the students and the teachers took out a grand procession covering  3 Km  reverberating with the school band group and slogans.  The procession was taken out with the objective to foster awareness in the adjoining area. 

Slogan Writing Competition:
More than 240 students participated in the slogan writing competition on the given theme related to the ozone day. Many students came out with brilliant slogans appropriate for the occasion.  

Wall Magazine:
Students brought out wall magazines house wise. The exhibition of wall magazine was inaugurated by Prof. A.K.Gupta, Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology.   The colorful wall magazines added hues to the celebration.  210 students contributed various articles related to ozone days in different forms.

Seminar :
 Prof. A.K. Gupta, Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology , Nirjuli gave key note address.
Key notes of his address to the students:
o   It’s a natural blanket to mother nature
o   Depletion leads to various diseases like skin cancer, sun-burn, lungs cancer, DNA mutation, etc.
o   Ozone hole detected and problems related to the issue
o   How to keep the ozone layer intact and the role of the youngsters
o   Scientific temperament can lead to better human life
o   Reduce use of the things that release CFC
Shri. Panchanan Tripathy Principal, VKV- Nirjuli gave the welcome address. Dr. Vasant D.Bharve, Retd. Principal of Engineering college and Dr.Meenakshi Bharve, noted educationist were present for the programme. 

Overall focus of the Program:
·        To create public awareness on the role of Ozone layer
·        To educate the students about the Ozone and its vitality
·        To aware the students help reduce the pollutants that directly or indirectly harm us
·        To know how to balance the natural atmosphere
·        Save Ozone to save life
·        Awareness about UV radiation and its effect
·        To replace CFC free items

VKVAPT News Round - up @ Aujust 2013

Gold Medal to Balakrishnanji

On the occasion of 67th Independence Day, the Arunachal Government has announced Gold Medal to Mananeeya Balakrishnanji, Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, in recognition to the immense contribution in the field of education and rural development rendered to the State. His association with North-East through Kendra began way back in the year 1974. Under the guidance of his mentor Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, Sri.BalaKrishnanji took up the responsibility of Vivekananda Kendra’s work in the north-east. The seeds that he sown then have born fruits and have spread its branches all over north-east, giving solace and encouragement to a large number of people in the Northeast in general, and Arunachal Pradesh in particular. The medal will be presented to him on the Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day.

Teachers’ orientation Camp for Sanskrit Teachers

 A 4 day Teachers’ Orientation Camp for Sanskrit teachers was conducted from 25th to 28th August, 2013 at VKV- Nirjuli. 30 Teachers from all the VKVs of Aruanchal Pradesh attended the camp. Dr. Unnikrishnan, the Head, Literature Department, Government Sanskrit College, Trivandrum and Dr C.N.Vijayakumari, the Head,  Sanskrit Department, University of Kerala were the Resource persons for the camp. The focuses of the camp were Sanskrit Sambhashanam, Pronunciation, clarification of doubts in Grammar, Teaching of slokas and poem with proper tune, demonstration of communicative Sanskrit teaching skills. It was noteworthy that all the sessions including inaugural, concluding, experience sharing everything was only in Sanskrit. 

Workshop for Environmental Science Teachers

A 3 day workshop for the Environmental Science Teachers’ was conducted from 24th to 26th August 2013. Dr. Meenakshi Barve and Dr. Vasant Barve were the resource persons to guide the teachers to refresh the essentials in Environmental Science Teaching. 11 teachers from the VKVs of Papum Pare cluster attended the workshop.

Science Seminar

District Level result: VKVs have shown good performance in the Science seminar 2013 conducted by the Directorate of School Education in collaboration with BITM Kolkata. The theme of the year was Water co-operation: Issues and Challenges.

Performance of VKVs in the District Level:

Name of the Participant
Kr. Kago Oliang
Kr. Kime Chada
West Siang
Km. Keim Padu
Km. Lona Kena
Lower Dibang Valley
Kr. Millo Taja
Papum Pare
Vivek Vihar
Km. Tribeni Borgohain


Upper Subansiri
Km. Waken Baki Garam
East Siang
Kr. Terbi Lombi
East Kameng
Km. Dhanashree S Poduval
Lower Subansiri
Km. Jerose Kurdu
Kr Shantanu Baruah

State Level Result:

There were 12 participants from different districts for the State level event. 9 out of 12 participants were from VKVs.  The final result is given below:-

Km. Amia Linggi, Class - IX
Sarada Mission School, Khonsa
Km. Kiyum Padu, Class - X
VKV, Jirdin
Km. Lona Kena, Class - X
VKV, Sunpura
Kr. Arunav Das, Class - X
Rupland Public School, Rupa

Shri. K. Jaishankar who was asked to attend the event has given elaborate feedback about the performance of our students.

Cluster level Principals meeting of Papum Pare Cluster

The Meeting was held in VKV- Itanagar on 29th August 2013. All the principals of Papum Pare cluster along with the second in- charges of the schools were present in the meeting. The presence of Mananeeya Pravinji enhanced the grandeur of the meeting. Action taken report of the previous meeting, reporting of the various activities conducted so far, planning for the rest of the session and discussion on Mid day meal scheme,  SVSSS activities for the rest of the session, strengthening of communication, Academic monitoring  and finalising the action points were the important  points discussed in the meeting.

Trustee Meeting

Trustee Board meeting of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Aruanchal Pradesh Trust was conducted on 16 August, 2013. Mananeeya Balakrishnanji, Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra, Mananeeya Bhanudasji,General Secretary ,Mananeeya  Pravinji, Joint General secretary of VK , Dr. Joram Begiji, Dr.Tejum Paduji and Shri. Jatan Puluji were present.  The trustees analysed the annual performance of the Vidyalayas, sanctioned the financial budget for the current session and also approved audit report of the last financial year.
The trustees have suggested various measures for the overall development of the Vidyalayas. While appreciating the dedicated works rendered by the teachers, the trustees have decided to start health insurance to all the regular employees shortly.

Activities in connection with the SVSSS

Yuva Sammelan

Kum B Radha Devi, Joint Secretary addressed the Yuva Sammelan Organised for the trainees of the Police Training Centre at Banderdewa under the beautiful canopy of teak forest in PTC campus on 23rd August 2013. Sri Tasso Sira, DFO Banderdewa and the Convener, SVSSS and T.Ringu, Principal PTC Banderdewa were the other speakers.  600 youth along 35 Police Officers, teachers & SVSSS School Ayojan Samiti members of VKV PTC Banderdewa were present for the programme. The rapt attention of Youth, who are going to be the custodian of law in our state, towards the speeches delivered was notable thing about the programme.

Kishori Vikash Shibir

Snehavardhini Group of VKV- Oyan (which included 2 members of School SVSSS Ayojan Samiti) conducted the shibir on 31stAugust 2013. 67 Girls attended the whole day Shibir. Dr. Y.R.Darang, a leading Doctor of District Hospital, Pasighat and Km.Mompi Dey, Lawyer in the Additional District and session court, Pasighat and Kum B Radha Devi, VKVAPT were the distinguished resource persons for the Shibir. The entire programme was organised by the Snehavardhini members who went to register the names of the participants, arranged the resource persons, decorated the venue, and prepared the agenda etc. Two of them (Smt. Jisha Ajay Kumar & Smt. Rashmi Unnikrishnan) had taken sessions on SVSSS and Steps to be adopted to become a Shining Star.


VKV- Kuporijo conducted a seminar on the relevance of Swamiji’s thoughts in day to day life on 10th August 2013 at Kuporijo. 180 people and 45 students attended the seminar. There were paper presentation by Sri.Tahang Taggu, IAS, D.C, Daporijo, Sri Tabin Siga,-ADC Dumporijo; Sri Shami Timba, District Planning Officer, Sri. Jumni Ligu, ADEO, Daporijo. Lardik Kare, General Secretary, Tagin Cultural Society were the moderators of the programme.


Janmastami and Raksha Bandhan

Janmastami and Raksha Bandhan were celebrated in all the Vidyalayas with great pomp and show. I was present in the Janmashtami celebration of VKV- Nirjuli in which 900 parents attended the programme. The teachers and students went to the neighboring areas to tie rakhis and give the message of Raksha Bandhan. Teachers and students of VKV- Itanagar went to Rajbhavan to tie rakhis to His Excellency Retd Lt. General Nirbhay Sharma.

Independence Day celebrations

The Independence Day Celebration at VKVAPT, Dibrugarh was marked by the presence of Kendra elders like Mananeeya Balakrishnanji and Mananeeya Bhanudasji. Mananeeya Balakrishnanji hoisted and unfurled the flag and delivered a vigorous speech on the occasion.

VKVs Oyan,Jirdin,Yikgkiong,Kuporijo,Ziro,Koloriang,Itangar,Banderdewa, Niausa, Tafrogam, Roing, Amliang, Kitpi Tawang were part of the District level celebrations at the respective District Head Quarters and the other schools in sub divisional/circle /administrative head quarters. VKV- Nirjuli and Vivek Vihar organized grand programme in school itself. Prof. D. Pal, Director of NERIST was the chief guest in the programme conducted in Nirjuli. March past, band display, PT display, pole Malkhamb etc won the hearts of the people at various places. VKV- Ziro conducted a science in exhibition in the stalls allotted for them in General Ground

Parents’ meetings

VKV- Banderdewa conducted the parents’ meeting for class IX & X students’parents on 23.08.2013. 89 parents attended the meeting. Shri. Unnikrishnan, Education officer, VKVAPT took one session on CCE to orient the parents in order to ensure their role in the process. Kum B Radha Devi, Joint Secretary, VKVAPT spoke to the parents on “The role of parents in educational activities”.  The three- hour meeting was well received by the parents and their feedback was quite positive and encouraging to all the teachers.  VKV- Kuporijo conducted parents meeting for primary class students’ parents. 73 parents attended the meeting. The meeting focused on the problemsfaced by the students, role of parents and the measures planned by the schools for weak students. Sri Thimpu Maying, President ATA, U/Subansiri was the special guest for the meeting.

Prerana Shibir

The shibir meant for the Class VII day- scholars’ students exposes the participants to the experience of systematic daily routine, to stay together with their class mates, to give motivation to excel in studies and to lead value based life at this very important period of their life. The shibir was conducted in VKV- Kharsang, VKV Itanagar, Yazali and Nirjuli. The details of the camps are given below:-

No students attended
Name of the Chief Guest
17 August to 19thAugust
Prof A Pandey, NERIST
AK Tripathy, Principal, Govt. Polytechnic
24 August to 26 August
Sri Ngampong Ngemu, E.E, Electric Department
29 August to 1 September
Sri Nabam Sally, Block Education officer
Dr Tejum Padu, Joint Director,Higher and Technical Education, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh.
30 August to 1 September
Kedar Joshi, Social worker, Maharasta
S.Chakraborty, Head of the Project,NEEPCO,Yazali
“This is the great fact: strength is life, weakness is death.  Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal; weakness is constant strain and misery; weakness is death.”
                                                                                                                        ~~Swami Vivekananda.