Friday 13 March 2015

News Round-up January and February 2015

News Round-up January and February 2015

Dear sisters and brothers,
I was told by my coworkers about the visit of Film Crew of Man. Eknathji to VKVAPT office. The main actor and camera man were silver-tongued when they shared their experience to all the workers who assembled to hear them. The cameraman said “It is a great chance for me to shoot the scenes to portray the great personality of our country. I have tried to internalize his ideas & works and accordingly I have paid a great attention to make each and every scene free from any factual errors. For Example whenever Eknathji in the film addressed the Karyakartas, I have paid special attention to see that all other actor Karyakartas are sitting in rows and columns”.
I am convinced the fact that everyone will be inspired if they open their mind to receive Swami Vivekananda and Mananeeya Eknathji. Both of them live beyond death by inspiring millions showing the path of selfless service to the humanity.
Let us all imbibe those great ideals in our life to enable us to undertake noble tasks in our life.
There are many things to share with you all. Let me give brief highlights of all the important activities of January and February for the information of all:-

Celebration of National Youth Day

National Youth Day was celebrated in grand manner in all the VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh which were witnessed by a large numbers of parents and well wishers along with students.  Students presented Cultural programs in all the schools. Many dignitaries graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Utsarg Samaroh

The Utsarg Samarohs for the Class X students for the session 2014-15 were conducted in five venues with the following details:
Participating Schools
Utsarg - 1
14 to 16 January 2015
Ziro, Itanagar, Shergaon, Yazali, Vivek Vihar
Utsarg - 2
15 to 17 January 2015
Nirjuli, Jirdin, Kuporijo
Utsarg - 3
21 to 23 January 2015
Seijosa, Kharsang, Banderdewa, Jairampur
Utsarg - 4
25 to 27 January 2015
Roing, Sunpura, Sher, Oyan
Utsarg - 5
29 to 31January 2015
Balijan, Tafrogam, N.Vihar, Amliang
Swami Mitrananda, Director, All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra and an eminent speaker of international repute was the main Resource person for the Utsarg at VKV Itanagar and Nirjuli. In his deliberation on the topic “Key to Success”, he encompassed all the key factors for success. He stressed that Sauraj and Dhiraj (fearless & fortitude) are the most essential qualities to be acquired. Fear is the main obstacle in the path of Success and Strength never comes automatically, it is to be accumulated.Referring to Vibheeshan Geeta, a part of the Ramayana in which Lord Sri Rama gave an enlightening sermon to Vibheeshan, regarding the chariot of successhe prescribed all the qualities required to be a successful human being.

Dr T.P.Sasikumar, who held top notch, positions in many Departments like Deputy Director, Directorate General of Security, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi; Director, UGC Staff College, Calicut, was the main Resource person of the Utsarg at VKV Kharsang, Roing and Tafrogam. He urged the students to imbibe the qualities of Swami Vivekananda like ‘Fearlessness’. Students liked the classes which were conducted in interactive mode. He integrated many topics in his classes.
Mananeeya Pravin Dabholkar, Secretary, VKVAPT was present in the Utsarg at VKV Kharsang. Sri P.M.Unnikrishnan, Education Officer, VKVAPT took inspiring sessions with video clips. Sri R.Krishna Kumar, Cluster In-Charge co-ordinated the Samaroh in all the venues. The Vande Mataram Program conducted during the Utsarg could garner everyone’s appreciation.  I was very happy to see the enthusiasm of all the students, organizing team and the resource persons of all the subjects (drawn from various VKVs) in all the venues.

Other Dignitaries present in the Utsarg

  Prof.Tama Mibang ,Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University Arunachal Pradesh
  Sri R.K.Mishra, IAS, Secretary for Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
  Shri N L Naam, CO, Kharsang
  Sri Mitchu Mithi,MLA and Sri G.P.Singh,Commender,BRTF
  Dr. Brij Mohan Mishra IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Lohit District,

Matri Puja

All the Secondary and Higher Secondary schools could conduct Matri Puja, a unique program, in the month of January. Matri Puja is a program for the mothers of the of Class X students in which students offer puja to their mother. Before the puja, reflective speeches on the bond between child and the mother are delivered as a prelude to the actual puja.  The feedback sessions were quite emotional. Some of the video clips & Photos are uploaded in our website.  The total attendance of Mothers in the   20 Schools conducted theMatruPuja was 811.

Traditional Dance and Drama Competition

VKVs played active role along with the committee of Parents and well-wishers constituted for MEJSP to conduct Traditional Dance and Drama competitions. The competitions were in two levels i.e. Circle & District Level.
There was a great joy in organizing the competition which is the expression of our cultureof various ‘Janjatis’through these mediums. A large number of people dressed in their traditional dresses talking about their tradition and customs and proudly exhibiting the cultural talents was a great moment for all.

We could cover 33 Circles in which 125 Dance Teams and 47 Drama Teams participated in the first phase and in District level 29 Dance & 18 Drama Teams attended.

Republic Day Celebration

The Republic Day was celebrated in all the VKVs with much enthusiasm. The Band parties of various VKVs as usual gave impressive show in the Republic Day celebration of the District Administration. In addition to the participation in Parade Contingents, VKV students presented Mass PT Display, Rope and Pole Malkhamb etc before large gatherings.

Achievement in Science Exhibition

Kr Mirnga Ngomle, XI (Science), of VKV Nirjuli participated in Science Exhibition 2015 held at BITM Kolkata from 6th January 2015 to 10th January 2015. The exhibit under the main theme ‘Landmarks in Science and Mathematics’ and the Sub-theme ‘Role of Fibonacci Series for Sustainable Education’ got the appreciation by teachers, professors and experts. Some of the applications of the Fibonacci Series in developing different games and for exploring the practical utility of the series in day to day life was the central theme of the project. There was an Indian reference of this project encompassing the contribution of Acharya Hemchandra, Aryabhatta and Leelavati. The Exhibit was under the guide teacher Sri C.S.Sengupta.

The position of the exhibit in different levels:
District level Status: First position in the theme category.
State level status: First position in the theme category.
Region level status: Best Model Award, Participation Certificate

Conduct of Desh Bhakti Kavi Sammelan

VKV Kuporijo conducted Desh Bhakti Kavi Sammelan in Hindi on 27th January in which 9 other schools also participated. The class IX Hindi students under the guidance of Sri.J B Jadhav organized the Sammelan which was enjoyed by all.

Intensive Band Training

Intensive Band training was given in many VKVs like Nirjuli, Kuporijo, Yazali, Banderdewa, Sher, Balijan, Oyan, Sunpura, Tafrogam, Roing, Itanagar, and Banderdewa. During the training the students were given intensive training to play Drums, Bigul, Trumpet, Flute etc. The students were also trained in Band Display.

Participation in Workshop by Vigyan Prasar

15 Selected Science Teachers attended 3 day multi-disciplinary workshop organized by VigyanPrasar, an autonomous organization under the Dept. of science and technology in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh State council for Science and Technology from 9th to 11 February at Itanagar. There were 48 Teachers from different North- eastern states for the Workshop. The different topics dealt in the workshop were Aeromodeling and paper pop-ups by Dr. MadhavKhare,Pune, Mars and Mangalyan by Dr. Arvind C Ranade,Scientist-E,VigyanPrasar, Health and Hygiene by Dr. Malaya Bora,Lecturer,Handique Girls college, Indigenous knowledge system and natural resources management by Dr. JayantaSarma, Science Behind miracles by Dr. Bhim Prasad Sarma,Lecturer, Tezpur university, Disaster management by Dr. SwapnaAcharjee,Dept. of Science and Technology, Itanagar&Day time Astronomy by ManasSarma, Guwahati Planetarium

Recognition to Sports Teachers

3 VKV PT teachers namely Sri Alokesh Boro, Sri Subhra Kanta Bhattacharya and Sri Manuj Dutta were selected as the referees to conduct State Level Volley ball and Football Tournament for the Chief Minister’s trophy from 9th to 20th February 2015 at SangayLadenSports Academy at Chimpu, Itanagar. It is indeed a great recognition for VKVs.
Dear Sisters and Brothers, we are at the fag end of the session. Almost all the major programs of the current session are over.  You have exhibited high degree of excellence in executing the scholastic and co-scholastic activities along with all the planned program of Mananeeya Eknathji Janma Shati Parva.
Let me invoke the blessings of Shri. Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada and Swami Vivekananda on our students to do well in their annual examination.

Yours sincerely,
Joint Secretary

The selfishness in the fulfillment of one's desires becomes the enlightened selfishness' when one takes cognizance of the society.
                                                                                                                           ~~Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade.

Thursday 5 March 2015


On 28th February 2015, VKV Kharsang observed SCIENCE DAY -2015 in the school Prayer Hall. Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal, VKV Kharsang welcomed the students and staff to witness the programme. He also threw light on the importance of the day. In his address he said that science is the part of our day-today life. If understood properly it does wonders and brings fun in life. He further added that every Magic has science behind it. He urged all the students to try to understand the basic concept science behind every experiment performed.

The various experiments and the concept developed by the teachers before the gathering are as under:-
Name of experiments
Concept developed
Fire on Water Burning of inflammable substance on water
Solubility Test Demonstration of organic and inorganic solvents
Fire extinguisher Using Co2 to extinguish fire
Acid rain Burning Sulphur to form sulphur dioxide
Oxygen for burning Oxygen supports burning
IQ Test Capillary movements of water
Fire Magic Burning of ethanol
Disappearing of Thermo col Adulterants in petrol

Name of Experiments
Concept Developed
No fall of water Surface tension of water
Start/ stop water Atmospheric pressure
Fire on coir Combustion of sodium metal
Water hole in cardboard Atmospheric pressure

The students were very much attracted and happy to see the scientific tricks behind magic. At last Sri Ranjit Kr. Pradhan expressed his sincere thanks to the audience for their kind patience to witness the Programme.