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News Round-up November 2016

News Round-up November 2016

Cluster Level Kho-Kho Volleyball Tournament


The Cluster level Kho-Kho and Volleyball competitions were held on 12 & 13 November 2016 at various venues. The venue wise results have been given below:
Sl. No. Cluster School Venue of the cluster level matches Cluster Level Winners
Kho -Kho Volleyball
1 Kameng Shergaon , Seijosa, Kitpi Tawang, Wessang, Nivedita Vihar, Bana (Only Kho-Kho) Nivedita Vihar Bana Nivedita Vihar
2 Papumpare Itanagar, Banderdewa, Nirjuli
Balijan (Only Volleyball) , VivekVihar
Balijan Nirjuli Balijan
3 Tirap Jairampur, Kharsang, Niausa, , Changlang( Only Kho-Kho) Jairampur Kharsang Jairampur
4 Lohit Roing, Tafrogam, Sunpura, Tezu ( Only Kho-Kho) Sunpura Tafrogam Sunpura
5 Subansiri Yazali, Ziro, Koloriang Raga, Joram(Only Kho-Kho) Ziro Ziro Ziro
6 Siang Kuporijo, Oyan, Jirdin, Yingkiong ( Only Kho- Kho),
Basar(Only Ko-Kho)
Jirdin Jirdin Oyan
Last Year’s Champion Balijan Yazali
Altogether 507 girl students from 29 VKVs participated in the Cluster level competition.

State Level Kho-Kho and Volleyball Tournament


The state level Kho-Kho and volleyball tournament was conducted at VKV Sunpura on 18th and 19th November 2016. A Total number of 84 Kho-kho and 63 Volley ball participants from 12 Cluster Level Winners and the last year’s champions participated in it. The introduction and other required formalities were done in the presence of Sri Krishna Kumar, VKVAPT and Sri P.K.Pandey, CIC,Lohit and Tirap Cluster on the day of the reporting.
The tournament was inaugurated on 18-11-16 at 9am by Major Shasi Kumar, Office in Commandant, Indian Army, Sadiya. Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Bal, Principal of VKV Sunpura welcomed all. Sri Unnikrishnan P.M., Education Officer, VKVAPT recalled Mandakini Didi in his address. Major Shasi Kumar blessed the participants and praised the works of Vivekananda Kendra in his short speech. A colourful mega dance was presented by the students of VKV Sunpura which marked the starting of the tournament.
Sri Danish Asraff, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Lohit District was the chief guest in the valedictory function. He witnessed the final match of Kho-kho played between VKV Tafrogam and VKV Balijan. The result of the final tournament is given below.

Result of the State level Mandakini Kho-Kho & InterVKV Volleyball Tournament

Kho-Kho Volley Ball
Winner VKV Tafrogam VKV Yazali
Runners Up VKV Balijan VKV Nivedita Vihar
Fiar Play VKV Bana VKV Sunpura
Best Player Km. Tarh Pakka Of VKV Balijan Km.Puji Aniya Of VKV Yazali
Best Chaser Km. Aditi Kri Of VKV Tafrogam
Best Runner Km. Anisha Tayeng Of VKV Tafrogam
Best Scorer Km. Reetu Nilling Of VKV Nivedita Vihar

Prachodaya Shibir 2016


A total number of 246 ( 67 boys and 179 girls) selected meritorious students of present Class IX from 23 VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh participated in the Prachodaya shibir held at VKV Itanagar from 4th to 6th November. The students were the school toppers in Class VIII.
The inauguration program on 4th November was graced by Sri Bamang Felix, Parliamentary Sec, Education & IPR as the chief Guest .Other dignitaries present in the inaugural function included Dr.T.P.Sasikumar, Space scientist and the Resource person of the camp; Su. Reboti Didi, Jt.Sec. VKSPV;Sri P M Unnikrishnan, Education Officer,VKVAPT, Sri R Krishna Kumar, member VKVAPT, Sri Kamalakantji, VKSPV; Sri Lakhi Narayan Goswami, Principal, VKV, Dhemaji. The three toppers of VKVs in NE region in AISSCE 2016 were also awarded in the inaugural program.
The Prachodaya 2016 was designed to provide the students required motivation, exposure, interaction and an ideal daily routine to be followed for a successful life. The series of sessions taken by Dr T.P Sashikumar and Sri Arvind Gore proved to be very motivating for the participants. The participants also had exposure trips to Ganga Lake and Science Center Itanagar during the shibir which included interactions, exploration, treasure hunt etc. In a question answer session, students’ queries were clarified by Sri P.M Unnikrishnan and Sri R Krishna Kumar.

One day workshop for the Higher Secondary students of VKVs


The Class XII students of VKV Itanagar and XII and XI students of VKV Nirjuli attended a one day workshop by Dr T.P Sashikumar on 7th November. Relevant topics like Career counselling, Management of time, Strong character building were the main focus of the workshop. The immediate positive feedback given by the students proved the workshop to be highly beneficial.

Teachers Orientation Camp for the Social Science Teachers


A teachers’ Orientation Camp was organized for the teachers of Social Science in theVKVs of Arunachal Pradesh at VKV Jairampur from 9th to 11th November 2016 in which 52 teachers attended. Sri Prasant Divekar, Head of the teacher’s training at Jnana Prabodhini and Dr. Surendranath Thakurdesai, assistant professor were the main Resource persons for the Camp.The inauguration program was held on 9th November which was graced by Sri Rupesh Mathur, Joint Secretary, VKVAPT who urged the participants to teach Social Science as a medium to infuse patriotic feelings among the students as well as to comprehend the issues of the society in the right perspectives. Explaining the objective of the Camp, Sri P.M.Unikrihnan, Education Officer, VKVAPT appealed the participants to equip themselves to bring liveliness to the classrooms of Social Science so that students will have joyful learning. With umpteen numbers of activities, the Resource persons infused motivation as well as trained the participants to take up the subject with latest methodologies. The activities and content included Map Works, Chart preparation, Brainstorming, Group Discussion and presentation, Questionnaire preparation, analyzing video clips, Preparation of Concept map, objectives of teaching various discipline of Social Science etc. In order to have firsthand experience of organizing field trip, the participants were also taken for field trips to explore and understand the given tasks.

Teachers Orientation Camp for the Newly Joined Teacher


in order to orient the newly joined teachers in teaching methodology as well as to introduce them to the glorious works of Vivekananda Kendra and VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh, an orientation Camp was organized at VKV Tafrogam from 12th to 15th November. 42 teachers from the subjects Social Science, English, Maths and Science attended the Camp. The inauguration program conducted on 12th evening was graced by Sri Danish Ashraf, Deputy Commissioner, Lohit District.
Sri Prasant Divekar, Head of the teacher’s training, Jnana Prabodhini was the main Resource person of the Camp who took series of sessions on the process of learning through many activities. All the participants took active part in group works assigned to them. The participants also practiced and conducted Kendra Varga with enthusiasm. In a session taken by Sri P.M.Unnikrishnan, participants were told about the qualities that differentiate a VKV teacher from the rest of the teachers. The groups presented the entire process of learning through creative posters and presentation which were assessed and the winning team members were felicitated in the valedictory program.

Excellent Performance of VKV Students in State Merit Scholarship Examination

The students of VKVs have performed excellent in the SMSE examination held on 1st November 2016. Out of 30 selected students in the state, VKV students got 19 positions.
Fact file of SMSE 2016
VKVs secured 19 positions out of 30 in the state: 63% by VKV students among the state
VKV Vivek Vihar got 9 positions out of 19 in the state: 47% by VKV Vivek Vihar among the VKVs
Altogether 1300 students wrote the examination in the state
Top three position holder in the state
State Level Position Name of the student School Marks obtained
First Jenis Rigia VKV VivekVihar 81
Second Kago Duri VKV VivekVihar 76
Third Sri Jummo Ngomle VKV Seijosa 75
Sri Tagung Neri VKV Seijosa 75
School wise performance of VKVs
Sl No VKV Number of position secured
1 VivekVihar 9
2 Nirjuli 4
3 Seijosa 2
4 Itanagar 1
5 Jairampur 1
6 Sher 1
7 Jirdin 1
Total 19

Participation in IT Workshop and follow-up


Sri Gautam Das, IT Teacher of VKV Itanagar participated in a one day workshop conducted on 5th Nov 2016 at the Office of the DDSE, Capital complex regarding National Digital Literacy Mission under the Banner of Digital India Movement which is an integral component of the Prime Minister’s Vision of “Digital India”. The objective is to impart basic ICT skill which would enable the citizen to use IT and related applications and participate actively in the democratic process and further enhance opportunities for the livelihood. A team of NDLM visited VKV Itanagar and took an online test on 12-11-016 at the Computer lab for those students with Aadhar card after finger print verification.

Vivek Inspire Students Workshop

The Second Vivek Inspire Students Workshop for the first batch were conducted in three venues VKV Nirjuli, Ziro and Roing from 12th to 18th November. All the selected students participated in the workshops which were conducted by the Resource persons selected by Jnana Prabodhini, Pune.

Atal Tinkering Lab

VKV Jairampur and VKV Kuporijo submitted and presented the Innovative Lab model in stage 4 in relation to Atal Tinkering Lab, a Niti Ayog Initiative. Out of that VKV Kuporijo finally was selected for installation of the Lab. VKV Kuporijo is one among the 257 school in India and 2 schools in Arunachal Pradesh. AIM will provide grant- in-aid that includes a one-time establishment cost of 10 lakh and operational expenses of 10 lakhs for a maximum period of 5 years.

State level Science Exhibition


Km Kavya Jayan, Class X, VKV Itanagar stood in the second position in the state level Science Exhibition held on 25th November on the topic “Science, Technology and Mathematics for nation Building”. At least 26 students from various districts of Arunachal Pradesh participated in the state level competition.

NHPC State level Painting Competition

VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh exhibited good performance in the State level painting Competition conducted on 9th November. The following is the summary of result:
Category VKV’s Position
A Third Position: Tanushree Bhandekar, Class V, VKV Sunpura
Consolation Prizes:VKV Tezu,VKV Sher,
B Second position: Rinjin D Sona, Class VII, VKV Jirdin,
Consolation Prizes: 2 by VKV VivekVihar and 1 each by VKV Oyan, Itanagar, VKV Sher and VKV Tafrogam,

Cluster Level Gita Chanting Competition


The Cluster level Gita Chanting Competition was conducted on 2ndDecember for PapumPare Cluster and on 28thNovember in all other clusters. The following were the Cluster level Winners :
Venue of
Cluster Level
Group C Group D
Boys Girls Boys Girls
Oyan Oyan Jirdin Oyan Jirdin
Ziro Sher Joram Sher Ziro
Itanagar Balijan Balijan Nirjuli VivekVihar
Seijosa EMRS Bana Nivedita Vihar Seijosa Nivedita Vihar
Kharsang Changlang Niausa Kharsang Kharsang
Tafrogam Roing Tafrogam Roing Tafrogam
The Cluster Level winners are eligible to participate in State level Gita Chanting Competition to be held at Majuli.

BhoomiPujan for the higher Secondary Block of Balijan, Staff quarters in Nirjuli & Multipurpose hall in Seijosa


The Bhumi Pujan for the mentioned infrastructures were held during the month. Mananeeya Pravinji graced the occasion in VKV Balijan along with architect Sri Ashank Sharma. The Bhumi Pujan for the three storied RCC Residential building at VKV Nirjuli was performed on 5th November.

Interactive Session for the Parents and Students of Vivek Inspire

An interactive session for the parents and the students of Vivek Inspire students was conducted on 7th November. The main speaker was Dr.T.P.Sashikumar. There were nearly 60 parents and 55 students.

Science Exhibition in Itanagar


Students of Class-III toXI of VKV Itanagar presented 123 innovative and creative models in a school level exhibition held on 24th November 2016. Sri Vivek Kumar, Curator ,State Science Centre, Itanagar and Prof. Smt. Anuradha Panigrahi, Dept. of Physics, D.N.College were the Judges in this Exhibition.
Sri Pravin Dabholkar, All India Joint General Secretary, VK Kanyakumari and Sri Rupesh Mathur, Jt. Secretary, VKVAPT graced the concluding function and encouraged and advised the students to continue their inquisitiveness and keep on igniting their minds.
The exhibition was also witnessed by the teachers and Students from KV -2, DPS Itanagar, VCS and VKV VivekVihar in the Capital complex.

Chief Minister’s visit to VKV Shergaon

The honorable CM of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Pema Khandu visited VKV Shergaon on 11th November. The school welcomed him in a befitting manner.In his address to the students, he extolled the contribution of the school in giving to the state, quite a number of officers who are contributing immensely to the welfare and progress of the state. He advised the students to study hard and bring happiness in the face of the parents who basically are pastoral farmers. He also donated 50,000/ to purchase high quality water filter for the students mess.

Visit of Sri Arvind Goreji to Yazali & Shergaon

Sri Arvind Gore, an educational consultant having wide experience visited VKV Yazali and Shergaon during the month. Sri Goreji had intensive supervising and training modules with the teachers of both the schools focusing on the improvement of results of the school in general and Class X and XII in particular.

Library Week Celebration 

All the VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh celebrated Library Week from 19th November to 26th November with manifold activities like Book Review, Book Collection drive, Speech by Book lovers, Visit to District Library etc.



All the VKVs celebrated Sadhana Divas, the birth anniversary of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade with enthusiasm and true spirit. In addition to other programs, swadhaya on the letter of Mananeeya Nivedita Didi, written on the occasion of Sadhana Divas was done. In addition to Sadhana Divas, children’s day was also observed with usual pomp and show. VKV Oyan organized a talent show for the primary students on the occasion.