Tuesday 3 February 2015



Vivekanada Kendra Vidyalaya, Kharsang, hosted the third UTSARG SAMAROH of 2015 for the students of Class X from VKVs Jairampur, Banderdewa, Seijosa and Kharsang. The participants reported on 20 January 2015.
Sl No Name of the Schools
1 VKV Jairampur
2 VKV Seijosa
3 VKV Banderdewa
4 VKV Kharsang

Besides the 160 students,10 Resource Persons from different VKVs and 4 escort teachers also joined the Samaroh.
The evening prayer was conducted by Shri R Krishina Kumarji Cluster I/C for Tirap and Lohit Cluster.  After the evening prayer Shri Shyamal Chakraborty,Principal,VKV Kharsang welcomed the participants, resource persons and the escort teachers. Shri  Pradip Kumar Pandeyji, the coordinator of this UTSARG SAMAROH and Shri Krishna Kumarji briefed the participants the does and don’ts. The session came to an end at 7.25 PM.

21st JAN,2015.

The  second  day of the shibir started with the morning prayer which included selected verses from the Upanishads, Bhagawad Gita etc. and Kendra Prayer led by Shri R Krishna Kumar JI, followed by Yoga Session taken by Shri Manuj Datta & Shri Sunil B Dhawral Physical Education teachers, the resource persons of SAMAROH. All assembled in the prayer hall at 8.30 AM for the inauguration of the Samaroh by the chief guest of the day Shri N L Naam, the Circle Officer of Kharsang in presence of  Shri Prabin Dhabolkar, Jt Gen.Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra,Kanya Kumari, Su B Radha Devi, Jt. Secretary, VKV APT, Shri R Krishna Kumarji and Shri  Shyamal  Chakraborty, Principal of the school on the dias.  The Principal welcomed the Chief Guest and other inviteesincluding all the Resource Persons, escort teachers and all the participants of the shibir. The inaugural ceremony was addressed by Su B Radha Devi, Jt. Secretary, VKV APT, address by Shri N L Naam, the Circle Officer of Kharsang and the final address by Shri Prabin Dhabolkar, Jt Gen.Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanya Kumari.  All the speakers stressed on the requirements of determination in life to achieve the goal. The significance of celebration  of Utsarg Samaroh had been expressed by the Jt.Secretary of VKVAPT followed by the Shibir Geet EKTA SWATANTRATA SAMANTA RAHE……. led by  Shri R Krishna Kumarji. The function came to an end at 10.25 AM. The classes for the participants divided into five Houses namely SUSHRUTA, CHARAKA, ARYABHATTA, BHASKARACHARYA and NAGARJUNA started at 10.30 continued up to 3.00PM.
This was followed by a special session by Shri Prabin Dhabolkar, Joint Gen. Secretary, VRM & VK. Different aspects of Mananeeya Eknathji’s life had been highlighted in the session. He also stressed on the importance of proper evaluation of oneself during this transitory period of teenage in the life of each student. After this, there was an interaction by the Kendra elders with the students of  VKV Banderdewa while the remaining had their games period.
The evening session started with the Bhajan sandhya at 6PM followed by Hari Om Session  conducted by Adaryaniya Kum B. Radha Devi,Jt Sect., VKVAPT. Throughout her session she guided the students on the importance of discipline during the schooldays, changing of attitude and thus to bring change in behaviour and also self improvement of personality to make oneself ready to lead the nation in future. After the supper the felicitation of the Bhaiyas( Grade iv Staff) took place. The Bhaiyas were felicitated by  Mananeeya  Pravinji during this session as an act of respect to their services. The session came to an end at 9 PM.

22nd JAN,15.

The day of 22nd Jan getting started with the Morning Prayer as usual witnessed the presence of Dr.T P Sasikumar (MSC, M.Phil, P.hd, MBA, LLB, MS). The Principal of the school introduced the eminent speaker who served as a space scientist of the nation for twenty years long.  During his interaction with the students Dr. Sasikumar, the session echoed with the stressing on cultivation of certain principles namely: PERFECTION OF MIND, SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF EVALUATION, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, ABILITY for PERFECT SELF PRESENTATION, LEARNING WITH CREATIVITY etc by the very eminent personality. He also stressed on the need to accept life as an unending race and to possess dream to achieve the highest goal while the classes for the participants took place from 9.30 AMonwards as usual routine. Dr.T P Shashikumar continued the second phase of his session from3.15 PM to 4.15PM. During his speech he gave certain tips to the students how to learn all the subjects properly. After the evening prayer Dr. Shasikumar resumed again and blessed the participants with galaxy of Indian Mythological Mantras as well as their meaning and also the importance of chanting and practicing the ideals put in those in human life. He also stressed on the need to respect the parents and the teachers. The post supper Prerna Session had inspiring video clippings. The day ended with VANDEMATARAM Programme that filled the participants with patriotism at 10.15 of the night.
Today in the first session we have got the final tips from Dr. T P Shashi Kumarji in the morning followed by academic classes for students taken by the Resource Persons concerned. The instant responses from the participants let us know that the Samaroh has become a successful one as well as an opportunity for the participants to learn. We hope that they will surely follow whatever they have learnt here throughout their life. Let’s conclude with the golden words of Swami Vivekananda, “UTTHISHTHATA JAGRATA PRAPYA VARANYANIBODHATA……( Arise! Awake!! Stop not till the goal is reached).”

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