Saturday 29 August 2015

VKV Kuporijo School Level Debate Competition

VKV Kuporijo School Level Debate Competition

Organized by Social Science Department VKV Kuporijo
Topic: Industrial Development Vs Environment Protection
    A School Level Debate Competition was organized by the Social Science Department of VKV Kuporijo on 27th August 2015, in the prayer hall of the same. The topic of the Debate was “Industrial development Vs Environment Protection”, wherein 20 number of students selected through the Class Level Debate from Cl-VIII to X participated having representation of 4 from each classes/sections.

    The programme started with the lightning of lamp by Sri. Krishna Tamang Sir along with the Shanti Path and was all over coordinated and anchored by Sri. Chat Bahadur Chetry Sir. Sri. Bhishwanath Mahanta Sir and Sri. Krinshna Tamang were the judges and Sri. Karan Lal Thatal Sir and Sri. Tako Siga Sir were the moderators for the various rounds of the same debate.
    Km. Lukyir Taji (Cl-IX/A) was adjudged as 1st Winner; Kr. Mato Kyamdo (Cl-VIII/A), 2nd and Kr. Tapung Rai (Cl-IX/A), secured 3rd position. The Prizes were given away by Sri. Kalyanam Bharadwaj.
   Total number of 300 students of Cl- VI to X witnessed the programme with full attention as it was a package of knowledge for them. And the programme ended with the Shanti Mantra.
   Teacher Sri. Kalyanam Bharadwaj, Sri. Krishna Tamang, Sri. Dilip Dutta, Sri. Chat Bahadur Chetry, Sri. Karma Lal Thatal, Sri. Bhishwanth Mahato, Sri. Tako Siga, Sri. M. SarojKumar Singh, Smt. Shefali Bharadwaj and Smt. Sanchita Dey Sarkar were present in the programme.

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