Sunday 10 July 2016

Heartfulness Meditation Programme at VKV Itanagar

 Heartfulness Meditation Programme

A team from SRI RAMACHANDRA MISSION, CHENNAI conducted a 3-days training programme for Heartfulness Meditation to the students and Teachers of VKV, Itanagar from 7th July to 9th July 2016.Heartfulness Meditation is about feeling the lightness and joy of our true nature and experiencing it in our hearts. Heartfulness Meditation brings long lasting change in behaviour and attitudes. Participants also learnt the art of cleaning the accumulated negativities in the mind and experience the stress free, peaceful and joyful life. It also helps the students to excel in studies.
Capt. Vineet Singh Ranawat, Joint Secretary, SRC Mission, Chennai and Smt. Jyoshna Sharma from Delhi guided the participants along with Sri Kina Temik, Zonal Coordinator, Heartfulness Institute Chennai.
250 participants were benefitted by the programme.

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