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Utsarg samaroh-2013-14 at VKV Itanagar

Utsarg samaroh-2013-14 at VKV Itanagar

The Utsarg Samaroh, the special programme for class-X students of VKV-OYN,VKV-KPJ,VKV-YZL and VKV-NJL has been organised in VKV, Itanagar from 14th to 16th January 2014.
179 students (91 girls +88 boys) participated in this Utsarg.

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The programme began with Mangalacharan by Sri R.Krishnakumarji, Cluster In-Charge of Tirap & Lohit District which was followed by the address of Su.Radha Didi,Joint Secretary, VKV-APT.
Mananeeya Radha Didi explained the purpose of the Utsarg Samaroh and other special programmes such as Matru Puja e.t.c. which are very unique in VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh.
Utsarg is the occasion for students from different VKVs to meet together and share their knowledge, experiences and feelings with each other. It also gives   the opportunity to the students who completed a considerable years of schooling in VKV to shape their personality with good Samskars , so that they will be successful human being with moral values in every walk of life.
After the inspiring address of SU.Radaha Didi, Dr. Shalini Verma, IRS, Secretary of Social Justice &Empowerment & Women and Child development ,Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh formally inaugurated the Utsarg Shibir.
Dr. Shalini Verma appealed the students to feel themselves important, optimistic and should have a positive attitude in all situations of life. She said, examination is also a situation in one’s life. She gave the following valuable tips to the students.
·         Make a plan of study of each subject which can be executed by you.
·         Never take a chance but work hard.
·         Never delay for any important task- start it immediately.
·         There is no short cut to success.
·         Set a good mood to study .It comes with patience and practice.
·         Study in a room free from distractions .
·         Learn by connecting to your past knowledge.
·         Mugging up is not helpful.
·         Remember that fortune always favours to the brave.
·         Drink plenty of water and take nutritious food .
Her speech had given a motivation to all participants.
All the three days ,Resource persons of all subjects took classes in their respective subjects and guided the students to write the CBSE examination successfully. The following subject experts guided the students.
·         English  -         Smt. K.K.Reena,VKV,ITN
·         Hindi    -          Sri Gyaneswar Mishra,VKV,NJL
·         Sanskrit –         Sri K.K.Mishra, VKV,ITN
·         Maths   -          Smt. Shilpi Das Gupta, VKV,ITN
·         Physics  -         Sri Aurobindo Mohant,VKV,ITN
·         Chemistry –     Sri Sreedharan, VKV,YZL
·         Biology    -       Sri K.Jayashankar, VKV,ITN
·         So.Science -     Sri Sangram Choudhary, VKV,NJL.
Apart from scholastic areas, Sri Alokesh Bora ,Physical Education Teacher conducted Yoga and games for the boys. Su. Radha Didi & Smt. K.K.Reena conducted yoga classes for girls also.
Sri P.M.Unnikrishnan, E.O. took class on the second day of the camp. He emphasized schooling is important part of one’s life which makes good foundation for higher studies as well as shaping a good personality. Complexity of life has been increased due to the fast development of science & Technology. Narrating various experiences from his own school days to the present situation, he urged the students to be aware about various commercial advertisements and temptations which can lead to ruin one’s life. Life is very short, so we must be very particular and careful about 3-things ie AAHAR  -  AACHAR  -  VICHAR .
Avoid all sorts of junk food. Consume always nutritious, energetic,  pure food. Give more preference to the nutritive value of food than its taste. In this modern age , large number of people are suffering from obesity , cancer and various psychosomatic diseases. Never consume tobacco products and alcohol which can cause premature death.
To have a successful happy life one should adopt certain good habits such as getting up in the early morning, schedule for keeping one’s body and mind healthy by doing yoga, physical exercises and games. Suryanamaskar is a very effective tool to keep a person physically, mentally healthy.
What you think, you become. Good positive thoughts will help you to have self esteem, self respect, confidence and courage to build a strong character. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘ Through true education one’s character is made’. All these aspects should be learned and practiced during school days onwards. Therefore, life spent in our school days are very - very important.
Another very important feature of the camp was the HARI  OM SESSION, conducted by Su. Radha Didi. During the session Didi narrated some of her heart touching experiences with the students, parents and public. It was very inspiring to hear her experience with the Chief Minister of the State Sri NABAM TUKI. When she and her colleagues were offered to drink pepsi (cool drink) – she refused it politely. We should be firm in the path we have chosen. Let’s practice whatever we speak. She shared her experiences of   VKVs in Dado, Koloriang, PORTBLAIR and ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS. All those experiences were heart touching and an eye opener for the listeners. She explained the meaning and implication of some stanzas of KENDRA PRAYER SUCH such as  ‘VAYAM SUPUTRA AMRITASYA NUNAM’, ‘BHAVATU VIHATUVIGHNA DHEYAMARGANU YATRA’. We are the children of God- pure and holy. We may face difficulties in our path of life. But one should go through in a smiling face without any complaints. Accept the difficulties and be fearless. Always do good that we will be always happy.  We must do our work in a prayerful attitude to make our life happy as well as for the progress of the Nation. When we get more knowledge and wisdom we become humble and simple. Hari Om session was enjoyable to the participants.
Morning prayer, Guided meditation and evening Bhajan Sandhya , conducted by Sri R.Krishnakumarji gave a glimpse of spiritual touch for our day to day life. He explained the meaning and application of slokas of Bhagawat Geeta, chanted in very morning which expanded the inner vision of  spiritual consciousness of the participants. Sri Krishnakumarji with his clarity of voice sang and taught the Shibir Geet to the participants and made the atmosphere with good vibrations.
Interaction session was also conducted separately for  each school participants including Teacher escort with VKV-APT members.
During Night assembly session, nice Video clips were shown to the students by Krisnakumarji to inspire the students to inculcate good habits and patriotic feeling.
A special programme was organised in a very serene manner to felicitate our hard working Bhayyas by the Joint Secretary, Su.Radha Didi followed by meditation on Mother Bharat by playing Vandemataram Song sung by Sri Krishnakumarji.
Sri P.M.Unnikrishnan, Education Officer   in his address in the valedictory function stressed the following.
·         This country had given to the world  the time tested phillosohy and science of Man making.
·         Our science, literature, philosophy and religions are marvellous.
·         Education helps to touch the soul of Bharat Mata.
·         Even a thief had a philosophy to hold on in his life .Our nation is really great.
·         Hold the gems of knowledge throughout your life which you had got during your schooling in VKV.
·         Have a bigger canvassing of life.
·         Read   the books of Swami Vivekananda regularly. It will help you to connect with him. It will be a treasure for your life.
During the Valedictory function, one student from each school shared their experiences in the camp. Every speakers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the VKV for providing good opportunities to listen, learn and experience so many good things in the camp like Utsurg Samaroh.
Su. Radha Didi, in her valedictory note appreciated all the speakers for their presentation. She asked the students not to forget their teachers, because of them students are able and efficient to perform well. Internalize whatever good things you have learnt in this Utsurg. She  told that she had also learnt a lot in this camp. Further she appealed the students to offer their best service  to this great nation, our Mother land as their ‘GURUDAKSHINA’ .The country needs all of you. Quoting the very meaningful line from Kendra prarthana- ‘JEEVANEYAVADHADANAM SYATPRADANAM TADHODIKAM’, Didi concluded her address by saying  her own best wishes as well as  conveying  the best wishes of all Kendra elders who are at Kanyakumari to all the  students for their success in life and for the success in CBSE EXAMINATION-2014.
At the end of Valedictory function, ’AHUTI SATRA’ was organised, and all offered tributes to the BHARAT MATA.
Sri J.Guruvayyaji, Co-ordinated the entire programme successfully.


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