Thursday 25 December 2014

VKV Itanagar celebrated GANIT Week

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Itanagar
 VKV Itanagar celebrated GANIT Week from 17/12/2014 to 22/12/2014. The details of the celebration are as follow-

On 17th Dec’2014,      Essay Writing competition. 
VI to VIII- Topic “Uses of Mathematics in day to day life”

IX to XII- ‘Contribution of Indian Mathematicians’
Participation: All 441 students of class VI to XII.

On 18th Dec’2014, Quiz competition was organized by class X students under the guideness of mathematics teachers. The objective behind this was to make the student efficient in organizing competition as well as to have revision of the concept they have in earlier classes. The competition was housewise and VI to VIII students participated. There were 4 groups of 4 students each. there were five rounds in the Quiz.
1st round          Numerical Ability
2nd round         Logical round
3rd round          Riddles round
4th round          Aakar Prakar/ visual round
5th round          Rapid fire round

On 19th Dec’2014 “Experience Sharing on Innovation by Teachers and students was done.
8 boys and 5 girls of Class X shared their innovative way of using Vedic mathematics (Nine theory, Nikilam, etc.) to calculate quickly and correctly. This was shared to bring awareness of our richness of mathematics.
All mathematics teachers shared one or two innovative ways of solving mathematical problems.
1.      Pictorial way of solving a world problems with in fraction of minute
2.      How to define and understand topic like “function” with comparing blood relations like Daughter – Mother Relation which solidify all the condition of functions.
3.      Akadhikana Sutra for finding decimal expansion of 1/19, 1/29, 1/39_ _ _ _ _ etc. within a fraction of seconds.

On 20th Dec’2014 A film of half an hour named “Hard Problems The Road to the World's Toughest Math Contest ”- the journeys  of 10 students of International Olympic prize owner were shown to IX, X and XI (Sc). Then they were asked to write how they felt about the film. Most of them were inspired by the film to have mathematics in their higher studies.

On 22nd Dec’2014, Origami Competition for primary classes was done. Items like frog, boat, die, bag, lotus, pistol etc. were made by the students and demonstrated. There were two rounds. In the 1st round all students of class I to V participated and in 2nd round five best participants from each class participated in three groups.
1st group          Class I and II
2nd group         Class III and IV
3rd group          Class V
Prizes were distributed in the culmination function.

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