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News Round-up February & March 2017

News Round-up February & March 2017

The Matri Puja conducted in the last part of the academic session in VKVs evokes a great feeling in the participants and once again affirms the significance of mother in anybody’s life.The role of mother in shaping the character of the child is paramount. In Mahabharata there is an interesting episode in which the mother’s clear vision of the role to be played by her child is reflected. The Pandavas were planning to have compromise to avoid any sort of war and requested Sri Krishna to carve a way out for the same. On knowing the same, Kunti, told very firmly “The time has come for which I a Kshatriya woman have given birth to my sons, as a Kshatriya they should see to it that Dharma prevails. For ensuring that Dharma prevails, they should fight for the good to eradicate adharma in the society.”Such type of firm conviction held by the mother will definitely steer their children in the right direction.
The academic session 2016-17 is in the fag end now. The year has gone very successfully with lot of activities in which students, staffs and the community at large have garnered lot of enrichments.
There were many activities conducted during the months February and March to share with all of you.

Conduct of Matri Puja 


Matri Puja was conducted in all the Secondary and Higher Secondary schools in the month of February with enthusiasm and spirit. Matri Puja is one of the important programs for the students of Class X who are going to appear in the first public examination in their life. In this particular well organized program students express their deep devotion towards their mother by paad puja. Sri R Krishna Kumar from VKVAPT conducted Puja in maximum schools. Cluster-In-Charges were also present in the respective clusters. The significance of mother in everybody’s life was told before conducting the Puja. Moved by the formal Puja, mothers and the students expressed their enriching experiences in highly ecstatic terms in all the venues.

Inauguration of academic building and the hostel building

The inauguration of academic building and the hostel building of VKV Dollungmukh was done on 12 February 2017 by the Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Pema Khandu and Honorable Deputy Chief Minister Sri. Chowna Mein in the presence of their political colleague ministers of various port folios, administrative head of the district, officials of various departments of the state, the high profile officers of the Subansiri Lower Hydro Electric Project of NHPC at Gerukamukh and a grand gathering of public. There was a public meeting held on the occasion. The welcome address was accorded by Sri. P.M.Unnikrishnan, the Education Officer of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh. The dignitaries acknowledged the selfless service of VKVs in the state while addressing the gathering. The students of the school presented welcome song and traditional dances which were appreciated by the all.

Exposure to selected Children’s Film

Children’s Film Shows were organized at VKVRoing ,Sunpura, Tezu and Tafrogam during 16th to 20th February in collaboration with Cine Darbaar (A Welfare Society working in the field of art & culture having the Head office at Delhi),an empanelled agency of Children’s Film Society of India (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting). In addition to the screening of selected films, there were film review, quiz and interactive sessions.

Superannuation of veteran workers of VKVs

After immense contribution to the VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh from the early years of its genesis many of the Karyakartas have attained superannuation this session. Sri Ramanand Yadav, Sri Rameswar Prasad Dubey, Sri P.T. Nandakumar, Sri N Kumeravel, Sri Subhash Chandra Dixit, Sri J Manoharan from the Teaching Staff and Sri Mahesh B.Menon, Sri Jiten Rajak, Sri Thakurdas Mahato, , Sri Abdul Kadir, Sri B. Ethuraju from the non- teaching Staffs are attaining superannuation in this session. All of them have served the VKVs in various capacities with utmost sincerity and dedication which will remain in the annals of VKVs. We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude. As they are retired but not tired, many of them will continue to extend their service in VKVs.

Niyojan Baithaks

In order to implement the three important points in the next academic year namely: Spoken English, Kendra Prarthana and Cultural clarity, many of the schools have conducted Baithaks to make various plans to materialize the same.VKV Kharsang, VKV Jairampur, VKV Amliang, VKV Changlang conducted Niyojan Baithakon various dates in the presence of Smt Pratibha Kulkarni, Office Secretary, VKVAPT. All the teachers put forwarded various ideas in brainstorming sessions to be taken up to strengthen each point. Methodologies like group discussion, assignment, wearing traditional attire, Swadhaya, wide circulation of VKIC literature, popularizing of different art forms etc were suggested by the teachers. In schools committees also have been formed to implement various activities. Other schools like Sunpura, Dado, Niausa etc also have conducted meetings to chalk out activities in this connection.

Vivek Inspire Workshop 

The Vivek Inspire Project with the objective to nurture the talented students have completed two years providing special guidance to two batches of selected students. Students from 20 VKVs are availing the opportunity to get special coaching from the Resource persons selected by Jnana Prabodhini, Pune and the trained mentors in the school level. The third Vivek Inspire Workshop for both the batches have been held at VKV Balijan, Ziro and Roing from 22nd to 28th March. Resource persons from Jnana Prabodhini, Pune have been conducting the workshops in all the three venues. All the Vivek Inspire Mentors also are attending the workshops.

Visit of Renowned architect

Professor K T Ravindran, an architect of repute visited the new site for VKV, Basar along with Sri P M Unnikrishnan, Education Officer, VKVAPT. Professor K T Ravindran is the founder and the President of the Institute of Urban Designers-India, a professional association of qualified urban designers.

Conduct of SA II examination

The SA II examination was conducted in all the schools from 8th to 21st of March. The residential students will be leaving for vacation on 21st itself except the Class X students who are appearing in the final examination.

Akil Bharatia Adhikari Baithak

Sri Rupesh Mathur, Joint Secretary, Sri Arun Raj Singh Shekhawat, Administrative officer and Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan, Education officer, VKVAPT attended Adhikari Baithak held on 3 to 5 February at Aurangabad.

VKVAPT Team Meeting

A VKVAPT team meeting was conducted at VKVAPT, Dibrugarh on 28th February. All the Cluster In charges and the Administrative Committee members were present in the meeting. Mananeeya Pravinji, Secretary was present and guided all.



The Varshik Baithak of the Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal Prant was held at VKV Roing from 3 to 5 March. Su Nivedita Bide, Vice-President of Vivekananda Kendra graced the occasion. In her speech on 4th March she mentioned Swamiji’s quotation that “Water the roots and the whole tree is watered “. She reiterated that ours is an all inclusive culture, that the whole Universe is interrelatedand interdependent. In his concluding speech Ma. Pravinji, Joint General Secretary of Vivekananda Kendrain his speech gave specific stress on strengthening and consolidating the system. In the Manthan sessions, the ways and the means to do the planning for any three selected activities by every school were discussed after selecting cluster wise subjects.

Recruitment Drive

A massive recruitment drive has been planned in various parts of India to recruit teachers for the next academic session. Many teachers and Principals and Recruitment team of VKVAPT are going to conduct interview in 33 places of India during the months March to May.

APS at Kanyakumari

Acharya Prashikshan Shibir would be starting on 1st April at V.K. Kanyakumari. 74 Participants are expected from to attend the Shibir from VKVs of Arunachal Pradesh.
Three things are necessary to make every man great, every nation great 1) Conviction of the powers of goodness. 2) Absence of jealously and suspicion. 3) Helping all who are trying to be and do good.
~~ Swami Vivekananda

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