Sunday 8 December 2013



The team comprising of Dr Toko Papu, Dental Surgeon; Sri Jonggam Pertin (Ex.VKV), District Community Mobilizer, Papumpare District and Miss Nabam Lucy ,ANM (Nurse) from District Health Society, Yupia conducted a Dental Health awareness class cum  counselling session for the problems faced by adolecencents on 6th December 2K13.

Dr Toko Papu took a class on Oral hygiene, Dental care and Treatment. She explained how to prevent various health problems related to our teeth and gets the types of treatment needed for any dental problems/diseases. RCT (Root Canal Treatment), Auto treatment, treatment for crowding, RPD (Removable Partial Denture),FPD (Fixed Partial Denture),CD(Complete Denture) e.t.c were some of the points discussed in her class. She advised the students to avoid all sorts of addictive substances which are available in the market in various names such as Tiranga, Gudka, soft drinks such as pepsi, cococola. She also advised the students to avoid excess use of tea and coffee which would give yellowish colour to the teeth. Right type of tooth brushes (hard, medium, soft) and fluoride tooth paste should be chosen for preventing dental problems.
After the end of the class she gave counselling to some students who had got certain health problems.
A very informative Quiz Competition was also conducted for the participants and prizes were given to the winners. At the end of the session Sri Jonggam Pertin, District Community mobilizer also addressed the students by recalling his good old school days in VKV. He motivated the students to uphold the best education provided by VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh. 
Total no. of students attended the programme: - 160 nos. (Classes IX & X).

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