Thursday 12 December 2013

VKVAPT News Round-up November 2013

News Round-up November 2013

State Level Chess Coaching Camp:
A state level chess coaching camp for fifty selected students of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh was held at VKV, Roing from 12 to 16th November.  The camp was inaugurated by Shri.  Devendra Kumar, Senior Manager, NHPC Dibang Project at VKV, Roing. Shri. Krishna Kumar, Cluster In-charge Lohit and Tirap, The Education Officer VKVAPT and self were present for the inauguration.   The students were selected in the school level competitions in the VKVs. Former National chess player from Nagpur Shri. Jayant Katdare conducted the coaching camp.
It is the commitment of VKVs to popularize this game and also to bring laurel to the state.

State Level Inter VKV Chess competition :
The First ever Inter VKV- Chess competition was held from 16th to 18th November at VKV- Roing.  The following students bagged the first three prominent positions:

Junior Group
VKV- Sher
First Position
VKV- Niausa
Second Position
Akom Don
VKV- Oyan
Third Position
VKV- Vivek Vihar
First Position
Fem Natung
VKV- Shergaon
Second Position
VKV- Tafrogam
Third Position
Senior Group
VKV- Ziro
First Position
VKV- Kharsang
Second Position
VKV- Kuporijo
Third Position
Apo Dohu
VKV- Balijan
First Position
VKV- Tafrogam
Second Position
VKV- Nivedita Vihar
Third Position

Final of Eknathji Memorial football and Inter VKVs Volleyball Tournament:

The final of the Eknathji Memorial football and Inter VKVs Volleyball Tournament was held at VKV Jairampur from 17th to 19th November 2013. Six winners in the cluster level matches participated in each.  The opening ceremony was witnessed by a total 650 spectators which was graced by Sri Nabin Kam Tikhak, ASM, Public leader and Pramukh-Yuva Shakti, SVSSS Jairampur. Shri.SNS Reddy & Self from VKVAPT were also present on the occasion. The Closing Ceremony on 19th November was graced by Sri Kento Riba, ADC, Jairampur as the Chief Guest and other VKVAPT officials.

Match Summary:

Final Match between: VKV Oyan vs VKV Seijosa

Winner team: VKV Seijosa
Final Match between: VKV Banderdewa vs VKV Jairampur
Winner team: VKV Jairampur

VKVs topped in State Level Painting Competition :
 Km Mudang Anku class 6 of VKV Ziro and  Kr Saikat Paul  of VKV Itanagar won first positions in category ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively in the State Level Painting competition conducted by The NHPC (National Hydro-electric Power Corporation). There were 50 selected students in the state level Competition drawn from various Districts of Arunachal Pradesh based on the District level competition. The NHPC is the nodal agency of the Union Ministry of Power to organize the event in the State. The National Level Competition will be held in New Delhi.  Congratulations to Mudang Anku and Saikat Paul for their best performance and other students for their participation. 

Spectacular performance of VKVs in District Level Science Congress:
The District Level Children Science congress was conducted in all the Districts at different dates.  Messages were pouring in throughout the month from various VKVs, well-wishers, Cluster in charges about the performances of our students. A wave of great happiness flowed as everybody shared the news of winning. Now all the eyes are on the State Level competition which is going to be held on 6th December at Itanagar. 15 VKVs namely Itanagar, Jirdin, Sunpura, Roing, Vivek Vihar, Kuporijo, Oyan, Wessang, Koloriang, Shergaon, Yazali, Bana, Amliang, Jairampur and Ziro could win in the district level Competition.

Total Teams from VKVs
22 [2 each from BANA, OYN, KLG, YZL and AML; 3 from JDN and One Each from other Schools]

VKV- Nirjuli Band team shines in Prestigious programme:

VKV- Band team with their wonderful performance captivated the minds of 1000 scholars, row of ministers, top burecarats and scores of officials in the reception given to His Excellency President Shri Pranab Mukharjee in his maiden visit to the State in the grand convocation ceremony held in Rajiv Gandhi Central University at Doimukh. In addition, the students of VKVs also performed well in the state level Painting competition in which Hon’ble Education Minister was present. 

Two Days State Level Science Workshop:
16 selected Teachers from various VKVs attended 2 days State Level Science Workshop conducted by the Science and Technology      Department, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh on 23rd& 24th November at Itanagar.  The workshop was conducted as a part of the capacity building programme in the field of Astronomy on the occasion of the all India wide campaign to create awareness ofthe ‘ISON’ Comet’s trail.There were 50 selected teachers from all over the state.

Dr.Aravind C Ranade, Scientist, Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Dr.NeelavGohain, Free-lance Science Communicator, Dr.Tapan Sharma, Professor, Department of Physics, IIT and Shri Manas Das, Sky Observer etc were the main resource persons for the workshop. It was satisfying to learn from the organizers that the VKV teachers were readily available even in 2 am to watch the sky and the eagerness shown by them to learn is quite appreciable.

Even though the Comet Ison, which was the sun grazing comet discovered in the year September 2012, has disintegrated  when it came near to the Sun,it has created a great interest in all over the world. The teachers would definitely share the great story of giant comet which travelled mind boggling speed of 200 miles per second got disintegrated in the temperature of 3000 degree Celsius when it sped towards Sun.

Various Programme in connection with SVSSS:
The schools have conducted various programmes in connection with Swami Vivekananda Sharda Shati Samaroh during the month of November. A glimpse of the same is given below:

VKVs conducted
Kishori Vikash Shibir
Participants from 6 neighbouring schools
56 persons +150stduents
6 speakers.
Kishori Vikash Shibir

Gramayan – Programme in Kombo Village
350 Villagers

Other important programmes in schools:
There were number of programmes in the month of November. Sadhana Diwas was celebrated in all the VKVs on 19th November.

Students participated
Talent Show for Primary students
Jairampur, Banderdewa,
386students presented the programme

Parents meeting

46 parents
To update the parents about CCE
School level science exhibition
Oyan,Ziro & Itanagar
381 students exhibited their models
700 witnessed
Working and non working models based the on the concept learned by the students in their course of study.
Career information programme
172 students

Sri Tage Tatung, Director of Horticulture Dept, Naharlagun was the main speaker.

Achievement of Km Phup Khonsan Mirip of VKV- Tafrogam:
Km. Phup Khonsan Mirip of VKV- Tafrogam along with her guide teacher participated in the 40th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition at Epica Garden Saramsa, Gangtok, Sikkim from 11th to 16th November 2013.

Out of 149 exhibits in the National level, 20 exhibits were selected for publishing it in a Book on working and structure of Working Models by NCERT.The theme of Km. Phup Khonsan Mirip found place in the 20 exhibits and got published in the Book. Her theme is on the ‘transport and communication’ with a title “A method for the Preventive measures against damages of bridges” has won lot of appreciation.

Little manifestations of energy through the muscles are called work.  But where there is no thought, there will be no work.  Fill the brain, therefore, with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you and out of that will come great work.
                                                                                                                                                                                       ~~Swami Vivekananda

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